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hi Steve, great meeting you at John's monday music salon!!!!! I really enjoyed your singing and playing! Hugs, Marina :)
Hi Steve, I just wanted to say hello and see how you are doing these days. I was thinking about our trip to Cuba. Was that really four and a half years ago. Time flies my man. hope you are well miss you, Casey
Hi from Scotland Steve, 'time still knocking' dropped through my letterbox from C.D.Baby,(a wonderful retailler). After three plays I am hooked, a fantastic album, up there with 'Pirates'.A nice surprise with Little Feats 'Missing You'with the author on board, one of my favourite Feat tunes after 'Willin'and an excellent re-working of 'Straight for the Moon'. Nice closing song, do I hear some early Roy Buchanan in there? a perfect ending to a stunning album. All the best from the old country, cheers, Joe.
Steve, I have someone I would like you to take a listen to. Would you please? Kate Kennedy
Love the music
Wow Steve....love your music, playing and singing. Would love to play with you someday. Very inspiring and soulful. All the best....
Hey Like your site, the tunes too! myspace.com/terryalanwade
Hello Steve, I saw you for the first time in Altadena as a guest with Michael Chapdelaine and I was amazed! Where can I find the song that was played that night? Hope to see you again soon!
Great site ... the reviews were amazing and I cant wait till I can make it out to Malibu for a show! ... maybe next Wednesday (-; Peace, Sharon
Hi - nice site (and good music!). We were considering using HostBaby to handle our website, etc. and I was wondering if you could tell me how you like their services so far. Any good / bad points would be helpful. Thank you! Patrick Red Seven
Working with you on your album and Jeff Bridges was a great treat. Any time, any where. All the best, lee
Caught you at the r bar in aspen, have purchased and enjoyed your music since. Check out Mannix gutiars, Ben Mannix was skiing with me in Aspen, he is bashful eye surgeon that makes gutiars that are like your music. Can't wait to get your lastest
Hi Steve, you are so hot! love, Suzanne*******
Nice to meet you (briefly) today, Steve, and I thank you in advance for helping out on June 17. BOY you are one talented and impressive guy!!!! Cool website, too.
Steve .... back in the US for the rest of this year and touring the 2xCD's I have recorded with www.jbonamassa.com .... check out the tour tab 'cause we're in LA next week, and would love to catch up with you ... cheers Rick Melick
Hello Steve Many Many Many years ago!!! I was travelling through Colorado, I came across the band Little Blue (with guest Jeff Pevar) playing at Sheridan Opera House :- I have NEVER forgotten that show......Wherever your music leads you (and California is a great State ) enjoy all you do!! I'm sure you will......one day (Maybe I'll be passing by again) will catch you playing elsewhere... Rawk on!!!! Cheryl (U.K) x
Hi Steve! Alexis sent me the invite to your show tomorrow night! Lookin' forward to it! ~Tricia
Dear Steve, What does it take to play drums with you? I'd love to play drums with you...provided Mr. Ferrone isn't around...haha. I admire you both for your work. I am moving to San Diego (from Seattle and Aspen - consolidating..lol) in April and I'd love a chance to meet you and talk about music. I'm a great fan!. Looking forward to hearing from you. Respectfully, Mike
Hi Steve, Nice site. I like the photo of you, Jeff, Paul and some of the girls. Hey, if dancing with muses doesn't amuse...try the two step. They're easier to corner that way. Break a leg, man.
Great time in NYC on your birthday!
Thank you so much for sharing your birthday by performing some of the best music of all time to an audience who truly adored you and your wonderful band! Great evening had by all. Keep writing! Special! Kate
Hey Steve, guess what: I've been studying the cello for the last five years. Not quite ready to do a gig with you, unless its just some light syncopations to reve things up :-) Been living in France for 16 years. Hows your painting comming? Imperishable musical memories from the upper west side... Paul
Always a great pleasure to share a stage with Steve. He welcomes me as film/videographer and bass player. Every show Steve plays seems to be the best that audience has ever experienced. Just a wonderful friend.
Wonderful site. Good colors.
So glad to hear you are doing great!!! Miss you.. xxoo Gigi
I attended your concert in Playa last night and wanted to let you know I much I enjoyed the music. John has been after me to come and it was really outstanding. I hope to see you again in Playa del Rey. Mike I.
very nice... see you tomorrow....
You are a superstar!
What's up, Steve? It was a pleasure doing the Loew's shows with you. I hope all is well. Thing's are have moved to a new level. I feel focused and ready. Call me soon. 310 487 5811 Casey
I have been listening to the two songs we recorded over and over again and I am very happy with the results of our work together. "Let Me Go" has a lot of feeling and guts and is recorded just the way I like it...with the voice out in front but not competing with the guitar. Thanks again, talk to you next week RonPaul
Damn, missed your show Friday night, but heard from a close friend of yours that you blew the crowd away. Not surprised. On a film, conversations and commitments never ended through the week in LA. Check out stuff going on at www.PeachCraftEntertainment.com, East Coast. Have no doubt that you and your gang will be booked on more than one of our gigs very soon. You're the best Steve! kate
Hey, I found you website! Aint the internet grand Hope your doing well Im listening to catch the wind as I type. Sounds amazing as always! Brett
Stevie P .... love your new CD, and been on rotation in my car as I drive hither and yon to gigs... Off to India now til Feb, and shall be in touch after that ...love Rick Melick www.sonicbids.com/rickmelick
would love to hear you play at The Center for the Arts in Grass Valley, Ca!!!
Congratulations Steve on your new CD ~ 'bout time! Kate Kennedy
Steve, Great music! Great Website and keep playing those blues!!! All the best in your endeavors!! Linda www.lindafisler.com
I came across your site as I was reviewing "hostbaby" examples. Your music sounds wonderful and your site is inspiring. Can't wait to start work on mine. I am a working singer/songwriter in Los Angeles. I performed recently at a wonderful acoustic club called Coffee Gallery Backstage in Pasadena. Maybe you know it. If not it's well worth checking out. Hope we meet sometime. Continued success. Sincerely, Stephen Michael Schwartz
Please add my name to your mailing list. Thank you.
Thanks again for the Viper acoustic on October 23rd. Let's get the album done. I think she is in and ready for the long haul. I'm in Portland, but ready to return to LA in a moments notice. Casey
looks great- especially liked the picture of your kids! btw do you want to add marc cohn to the dark star lineup? he used to come (unadvertised) after you moved to aspen.
Hey Dude!!! Came accross yr site.Top sounds man from me and a room full of dudes and chicks here in Cornwall (uk)!!How cool is the net for indy music man !!!! Peace & Love Tony King & The T.K. CONNECTION www.tonykingtk.com
My Man.It's great to be back in LA! Thanks for the cool music the other night at the Viper Room. Erin sounds great. I can't wait to hear what all else kind of Renegade Music you and JJ and Ferrone are cook'n up at drumroll. Rock On brother, Boo Ray
Steve, Remember me, bartended at the tipp during the glory years
Wow - I never really got to listen to your stuff before - Sounds awesome - Although, I have to admit, I was NOT surprised... You are amazing... You really know how to make a guitar speak...
Studio Bear says hi, and sends you this poem: THE WAND'RING MINSTREL The wand’ring minstrel, this poet divine - So gifted with beauty and grace Dances ‘twixt mountains and oceans astride his musical steed apace! But waltzing with muses? Alas, he refuses to gambol and frolic about! Yet life’s celebration, the spirit’s elation, he sings of with nary a doubt. A. p.s. Congratulations on your website - it's great!
Hey Steve! The website looks great :) Now that I'm back in town, I need to get myself to one of your shows soon dammit! Talk to you soon! XOXO -Shan
Hi there! We just arrived back home after following Steve (and Dana and Freebo) around at their gigs in L.A. WOW!! The music was incredible. Three very distinct styles melded into a beautiful tapestry of sound. Steve, your vocals and AWESOME guitar work were so impressive! Thanks for the GREAT memories of California! Deb and Ted
See you at Kulac's Woodshed Friday night honey
Man you sound good Postell. See you soon brother!
Real Cool Site Bro. The word is You, JJ, & Ferrone have got drumroll sounding great!!!
Hello from your 3 girls! Just listened to Just Wait Until You Get Here... WOW! Your music is incredible, Steve. We Love You!!!!!!! XOXOXOXOXOXOXOXOX
Thanks for sharing your wonderful old music and new music while you were in Aspen. Beautiful!
finally...a website

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