The work of band leader and songwriter Steve Postell is what makes this album so exceptional. Postell's songs are full of warmth and intimacy.




That golden California Sound comes alive again on 'Time Still Knocking', Steve Postell's Immergent Records debut. This rich, organic work draws on rock, folk, blues, country and R&B, all distilled through well-honed craftsmanship coupled with genuine heart and the musical camaraderie of a staggeringly talented group of musicians. The music on 'Time Still Knocking' crackles with a sense of discovery. For Steve Postell, 'Time Still Knocking' is the culmination of dedicated work, lasting friendships and creative partnerships for a complete musician who knows where he’s been and looks to the future with anticipation.




Time Still Knocking is a hidden pearl that everyone should own.  It all starts with fantastic finger picking as if you hear the master Ry Cooder at work. But Steve doesn’t need a blueprint. He already proved with his previous album that he knows how to write an edgy song and how to translate this musically. I couldn’t find a bad or lesser tune.  They all have that refreshing quality that made me think back to the sound of Steely Dan and also that of the Eagles. What Steve has achieved borders on the unbelievable.  Other than his outstanding voice, he has the ability to compose THE perfect song. Simply a masterpiece from which many can learn something.




Singer songwriter Steve Postell already proved with his previous album that he writes excellent songs and that he surrounds himself with unique people.  People like Jackson Browne are good friends of this guy. He reminds me a lot of Ry Cooder, but he doesn’t need that, because this man knows his stuff which becomes very clear when you listen to his new album “Time Still Knocking”.

            This album is again heavily influenced by R&B, Folk, Blues and Rock.  Steve has a great voice, plays the guitar beautifully and, as I already said, writes outstanding songs and turns those into amazing compositions.  He has a mind boggling list of guests on this album - a few names: Robben Ford, Eric Johnson, Jennifer Warnes, David Crosby, David Koz, Buzz Feiten, Steve Ferrone, etc., etc. Definitely a disc to play over and over again, and then you’ll discover more and more why this man really should come over here.  A beautiful release.



KPFK RADIO, Los Angeles

This is a beautifully crafted CD, lyrically, compositionally, and acoustically.  There is something about the stories Steve tells that makes you want to sit down and listen. Steve’s voice is strong when he’s rockin’ out, and supremely delicate and sensitive when he’s playing an acoustic guitar.  He’s versatile but has carved out a sound that is uniquely his own.  It’s sophisticated, pensive, and smart music that will emotionally move you.




This CD doesn’t leave our CD player: classical but very well-played rock songs with shining guitar work (Robben Ford, of course, but also Postell himself, Buzz Feiten and Jeff Pevar, who made Peter Galway’s Freedom Is such a trip), wonderful harmonies and a flawless production. The harmonic colors [i.e., timbres] are sometimes so breathtaking that it becomes almost too much, but you can hardly call this overproduction. .  Literally every one of the thirteen songs holds your full attention.  And that makes it virtually impossible to single any one of them out.  But just maybe one could favor Ford’s work on 3:45 Coming Through, the penetrating Background Noise with the glorious play of voices, the brink of pathos in Change in the Circle.  And why does Paul Barrere no longer write and sing for Little Feat something like the barn song Missing You for this CD?!  The closing title number, Time Still Knocking grabs you by the throat ….  Cognac, cigars and the whole shebang.





Americana from California that draws on rock, folk, blues, country and R&B! That's probably the best description for Steve Postell's debut singer-songwriter album "Time Still Knocking." Steve's career moves include titles as singer-songwriter, guitarist, producer and now also as recording artist. Helped out with some big time friends and acquaintances like David Crosby, Jennifer Warnes, John Oates, Robben Ford, Eric Johnson, and many others, "Time Still Knocking" is a timeless effort reminiscent to groups like CSN&Y, Little Feat and The Eagles.

Leading track is the bluesy "3:45 Coming Through", without doubt the most appealing tune on this album for lovers of roots influenced music, but there are plenty of other good tracks in different genres to be found on this album. The funky-blues track "Living In The Mystery", the country influenced "The Tide Will Rise" or the country-rocking "Never Been To Memphis" are all tracks that need to hit the airwaves!




Good folk-rock, leaning a little towards country, reminding one of Neil Young, America, the Eagles, Tom Petty or Bob Dylan. The New Yorker, Steve Postell, actually a studio musician, and until recently singer of the band Little Blue (with 2 released albums that remain trade secrets), has provided us with Time Still Knocking, his 2nd solo album, following last years Until You get Here. the record is really worth a listen, and especially multiple listenings, because only then do you begin to recognize the pearls that are coming from your CD player. But Time Still Knocking is not an album to listen to superficially. Rather its true qualities develop only by the third or forth listen. For friends of American folk, Steve Postell is most definitely warmly recommended.




As I loaded the CD and the first vocal tones hit my ears, I knew immediately; I know this voice. But from where? During the 3rd song, "Catch The Wind", it became clear to me. I was listening to the ex-front man of Little Blue. The same band that in the 90's released 2 fine albums with Taxim records and Blue Rose. Steve Postell's markedly silken vocals remain unforgettable, and his songwriter qualities have not diminished, rather they have remained on the highest level of the west-coast sound.





Time Still Knocking is an album on which, along with Steve Postell, we hear pretty much what well-known studio musicians listen to — Benmont Tench on the keyboards, Leland Sklar on bass, Robben Ford and Waddy Wachtel on guitar, and, among others, David Crosy, Jenniifer Warnes and John Oates on backing vocals.  A really polished album is the result, but it’s also an album with tender moments and songs that make a lasting impression.  He wrote most of the songs himself, sometimes along with others, and all of them are good to very good.  A beautiful record.




I won’t easily forget Steve Postell’s debut “Until you get there” from 2005.  A crystal clear recording, which hasn’t lost any of its power after the passage of four years.  Postell’s “Time Still Knocking” radiates this same power, a release that thunders into the living room right from the start with the epic road song “ 3:45 Coming Through.”




Strong yet thoughtful songwriting. It's not your average song crafting, but fairly complicated arrangements - like precise stitching on expensive Italian boots. The perfection extends even to the choice of musicians and to how perfectly they are used within a given composition. It is pure enjoyement to listen to these musicians offerings, to hear the various techniques of the guitarists and above all to listen to the various vocal stylings. Perfect harmonies, and instrumentally a master class. The amassed talent is also reflected stylistically; Americana, rock, roots, singer/songwriter, country-rock … and found throughout are exciting hooks, refrains and melodies. With all the positive attributes of this album, lets not forget to talk about Steve Postell, for he too is vocally blessed and plays 6 beautiful strings




“Time Still Knocking”, reveals from the first listen a rare quality: to be in the past but still able to innovate. This is an album like you haven’t heard in a while, filled with important guests. You can taste a little American music Encyclopedia in its thirteen songs, going from blues to country, from folk to rock, from R&R to Rhythm and Blues. A guitar “orgy”, a vocal mixture that reminds of CS&N, the Hammond and piano which often sustain, in a convincing way, the beautiful melodies written by Steve, who can capture the listener after a few songs thanks to a distinctive vocal quality.




A classy combination of intelligent acoustic and big rock songs. The playing and singing is first rate, but what makes the album worthwhile is Postell, who, to quote his song Never Been To Memphis, "knows he's got soul", and he's right. The CD, TIME STILL KNOCKING, though classy and literate, feels something like a throwback, possibly even a guilty pleasure at times.





Postell is a master of writing songs that hook you with catchy melodies and lyrics and sustain you with their depth.




Surrounding oneself with such high-caliber musicians creates high expectations, but Steve's been in the business so long, and he knew what he was getting into. The big names aren't just for show. Rather, their presence is due to Steve's songwriting talents and musicianship. After 10 worthy tracks, Steve end s the CD with the song and spoken-word ballad Time Still Knocking: where he tells of the vagabond musician, who is keeping his head above water with Hank Williams songs and coffee shop gigs, who meets a soulful artist who paints his innocence on canvas in her studio... All the while he notices Time knocking, knocking, always there at the door. The perfect ending to a fully-evolved songwriter album which hooks you at first listen, yet lures you back again and again before it begins to give up its secrets to you.



Postell has the ability to understand all American music, ranging from blues to country and up to Rock ’n’ Roll and Rhythm and Blues, all of this maintaining a very high quality both in the writing and in the arranging of the individual songs. Throughout the album we found ourselves wrapped into wonderful guitar phrases, sparkling vocal harmonies, intertwined piano and Hammond lines, everything used to spice up the beautiful melodies composed by Steve, who also skillfully navigates his way around the singing. If you want to take a dive into the past of the West Coast and enjoy some excellent music, this disk will not disappoint you one bit.


JOHN OATES (Hall & Oates)

Steve is a gifted, sensitive songwriter.



Former Little Blue singer Steve Postell is here with a collection of his and his bands albums on Renegade Records and it’s a collection all of you guys who’re into the westcoast scene where softer westcoast stuff a’la Venice, James Taylor and David Crosby meets the traditionally midwestern singer songwriter scene should check out. The main part of the production is really professional all through the recordings and Steve’s voice is very nice, warm and sensitive. The opening track “Wait Until You Get Here” is a lovely opener and put up the adrenaline on a high level and the production. The album contains a bunch of other nice tunes like the softer acoustic “Angel With A Gun” which could have been a John Prine written tune with James Taylor on vocals, and “Straight For The Moon (co-written with John Oates) which is a more fully produced tune with Little Blue.
The name Steve Postell rang a bell in the mind of yours truly . . . and to the extent that my memory isn’t failing me (and that has happened to me at least once), the man, just like Vince Gill, was once a member of the country rock band Pure Prairie League that will always and forever be associated with the successful number “Amie.” We lost track of the man for a bit and in retrospect that seems to be a real shame because both solo and with the band Little Blue in a time span of 15 years he has brought out four albums that are still available via Renegade Records, Blue Rose and Taxim. Moreover, in his home base of New York (currently Los Angeles) he built up a very strong reputation with his participation in the musicals “Evita” and “The Man of LaMancha,” he was involved as the co-writer of the rock musical “Fallen Angel,” he has appeared live on the Tonight Show with Jay Leno, routinely he visits John Oates, and he’s a pal of, among other people, Freebo, bassist for Bonnie Raitt and Hot Tuna. But above all he’s a dazzling singer/songwriter and a first-rate guitarist who, with “Until You Get There,” has brought out an album that, along with some songs that have appeared earlier, is a kind of Greatest Hits. “Travelin’ Man,” “Angels, Horses & Pirates,” “Straight for the Moon” and “Whiskey & Guitars are among Postell’s own favorite numbers and show that the man hasn’t changed a bit. “After all this time, I’m still playing, still writing, still feel most at home with a guitar in my hands.” This must be a glorious feeling, and if in the studio you can also count on the support of Eric Johnson, Eric Ambel, Robben Ford, Jed Leiber, Jennifer Warnes, John Oates, John Pousette Dart and Roscoe Beck, then one can believe that Steve Postell must be a happy and contented man. The album also radiates self-confidence and doesn’t leave devotees who have a thing for artists like James Taylor, Hall & Oates, Steely Dan, CSN & Y, Venice out in the cold. (SWA)
Writer and singer Steve Postell is a consummate professional from New York whose brilliant musicianship doesn’t obscure the warmth and sincerity of his music. Who knows? In ten years, Steve Postell & Little Blue might be mentioned in the same breath as America, Little Feat and the Eagles!
I've been devouring your CD, "Until You Get Here". My God. It's spectacular.
STRAIGHT FOR THE MOON This is a great CD. As in the past, the band led by former Pure Prairie League musician Steve Postell (now expanded to include keyboardist Jed Leiber, son of legendary composer Jerry Leiber) aspires to combine the musical styles of Steely Dan and Little Feat and give it a modern twist before turning it loose again. The results are wonderful - ultra-melodic numbers with well-placed guitar solos, proper rock tunes and lovely ballads with a hint of the Blues. With such a great variety of styles, it’s no wonder (but also no problem) that diverse musical guests were called in (such as John Oates, Jeff Pevar and T-Bone Wolk) in order to make the most of these expertly crafted songs.
CD Review Until You Get Here Steve Postell This is a beautifully crafted CD, lyrically, compositionally, and acoustically. There is something about the stories Steve tells that makes you want to sit down and listen, and once you do, you are immediately transported to that place, moment, or feeling he sings about. Poetry and music go hand in hand on this CD: call it prosity, or just good music, Steve Postell’s songs have as varied expressions as the color blue has shades, each one brings you into a completely different climate and emotion as he takes you on his journey through friendships and loves, personal triumphs and universal heartaches. I’ve seen Steve performing live with friends, and it’s a beautiful thing. The rapport between musicians up there on stage comes through equally on this CD, in guitar riffs, vocal harmonies, and violin solos. Each time I listen, I discover something powerful about the music that keeps me listening until the end of the piece, and although I already know how it ends, I want to hear it end again if only for the satisfaction of the complete expression or idea. And then I wonder what the next song will do. Steve’s voice is strong when he’s rockin’ out, and supremely delicate and sensitive when he’s playing an acoustic guitar. He’s versatile but has carved out a sound that is uniquely his own. It’s sophisticated, pensive, and smart music that will emotionally move you, and make you feel like you’re standing at the edge of your own cliff, looking back at the kaleidoscope of your life.
"The work of band leader and songwriter Steve Postell is what makes this album so exceptional. Postell's songs are full of warmth and intimacy."
"Steve is a gifted, sensitive songwriter."
"Postell is a master of writing songs that hook you with catchy melodies and lyrics and sustain you with their depth."

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